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What We Do

We provide hard-working people who don't have access to traditional credit the help they need online.

About Us

TMX Credit was founded in 2011 as a division of TMX Finance. We're working to become the Chicago area's great magnet for worldwide talent. Our fast-growing team has a proven track record of building and running successful businesses. We are driven to become a leading online lender by providing the best value to our customers, an unrivaled environment for our colleagues, and by bringing new ideas and products to the entire industry.

Our Customers

We're committed to providing the most positive experience we know how. Our customers want fast, convenient, friendly service, strict confidentiality, and quick funding. And we make sure to provide it. Our customers know that they can depend on us to be there when they need us.


A good culture is the ongoing product of its members consciously driving themselves and their colleagues to do their very best in every regard. It's gathering and keeping the best people near. It's building to last, and discarding what won't. And it's showing others how to do the same. What we do and how we do it defines who we are.

So who are the best people?

  • The inspired, the prolific, and the brilliant,
  • The witty, the candid, and the resilient,
  • The inquisitive, the jovial,
  • The resourceful, the masterful,
  • The judicious, the driven, and the clever,
  • The decisive, the catalyst, and the bootstrapper.

If you are a talented developer, digital marketer, financial and operational analyst, we most likely have an awesome opportunity for you and would love to get a chance to tell you more about it! Drop us a note at

Open Positions

We are now hiring talented people to fill these roles:

  • Software Engineer (juniors and seniors)
  • Digital Marketer
  • Financial and Operational Analyst

If you fit any of these roles and like what you've read so far, introduce yourself at

Tech Blog

Technology powers our business, and our savvy tech team is excited to share tips, discoveries and other musings with the community.

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